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Indian Language Course: Spoken Kannada

The Spoken Kannada course has been primarily designed for the students who want to learn Kannada from the beginning and develop their Kannada language basics. To learn Kannada online, the students will have to go through the video lectures on the online portal of FGA.


  • The course will be divided into two different levels as follows:
    • Beginner
    • Advanced
  • After learning the Kannada language basics, the student is promoted to next step by the instructor.
  • The spoken Kannada online course is taken up by qualified and expert faculties in the language.
  • The performance of the student will then be evaluated by a test on Kannada for beginners.

How FGA teaches Spoken Kannada online

The course will be well structured in two levels:


At the beginning of this course, the student would be able to understand the Kannada in a limited way. After a few weeks of beginner level training in the course, the student would be able to know the fundamentals of Kannada pronunciations. The student will be able to form small sentences and ask simple questions.

At this level, the student will be able to speak enough of the basic Kannada and would be able to communicate in a shop or at regular marketplaces along with writing basic text.


At the beginning of this level, the student might be able to speak Kannada with some confidence, but after a few weeks in the advanced level, the student will be able to write and understand almost all the lectures and any TV show with absolute ease.

While to increase the proficiency in the language, the student will be made to give more emphasis on the grammar of the tongue. Thus at the end of this Spoken Kannada course, the student would be proficient in the language and will be able to write and speak Kannada with great fluency.

Heralding Linguistic Traditions at FGA

Losing grip on a regional language is similar to losing years of knowledge from our cultural past. We, at FGA, are committed to the preservation of regional languages and hence, offers courses in Hindi as well. Moreover, our courses in the Spoken Language thread also integrate foreign languages such as German, French and English .