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Foreign Language Course: Spoken English

The spoken English Course mainly focuses on the people who want to learn the English language from scratch to improve their communication skills. To learn English online, the students will have to go through the video lectures on the online portal of FGA.

The course will go through the following phases:


In this course of English for beginners, the students who are joining the class may have little or no knowledge of the language. Within a few weeks, after the end of the beginner phase, the students might be able to understand the fundamentals of language along with the pronunciation.


At the beginning of this level, the student may be able to comprehend the language if easy vocabulary is used. By the end of the course, the student will be able to make simple sentences and reply to common questions with ease.


At the beginning of this level, the student may speak English with quite a bit of confidence, but as he progresses through this level, he would be able to take part in everyday conversations with ease. The student may be able to understand the lectures in English, TV shows, movies and will also be extract the gist of a text written in English.


By the end of this level, the student will be proficient in the language. He might quickly catch up a conversation, can understand long and inferential texts along and will also display flair and ease in writing. The advanced level in the Spoken English course will elevate the communication skills of the student.

How FGA teaches Spoken English online

The students appearing for the spoken English course are prepared in four major domains:

  • Teaching Methodologies
    • Speaking
      • Grammer
      • Phonetics
      • Language Skills
      • Vocabulary
    • Reading
      • Daily News Paper Reading
      • Books, Novels
    • Writing
      • Daily Creative Writing
      • On Spot Writing Test
    • Listening
      • Audios
      • Videos
      • Other Visual Ads

Linguistic Exploration Redefined with FGA

At FGA, instead of merely resorting to teaching common foreign languages, like English, we also take up extensive courses in languages such as German and French . At the same time, we at FGA also value our traditions to the utmost degree and hence, provide integrated courses in Hindi and Kannada as well.