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Foreign Language Course: Spoken German

The Spoken German course has been primarily designed for the students who want to learn German from the beginning and develop their German language basics. To learn German online, the students will have to go through the video lectures on the online portal of FGA.


  • The course is divided into different levels as follows:
    • Beginner
    • Elementary
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • After learning the German language basics, the student is promoted to the next step by the instructor.
  • The spoken German online course is taken up by qualified and expert faculties in the language.
  • The performance of the student will be evaluated by a test on German for beginners.
  • It is possible to change the levels mid-way after consulting the respected faculty and management in some cases.

How FGA teaches Spoken German online

A1 A1 80 Lessons / 4 Weeks 80 Lessons / 4 Weeks
A2 A2.1
80 Lessons / 4 Weeks
80 Lessons / 4 Weeks
240 Lessons / 12 Weeks
B1 B1.1
80 Lessons / 4 Weeks
80 Lessons / 4 Weeks
400 Lessons / 20 Weeks
B2 B2 160 Lessons / 8 Weeks 560 Lessons / 28 Weeks


The spoken German course is initiated by introducing the students about the basics of the language. After the level, the student has basic knowledge of presenting oneself in German. The level lasts for four weeks.


Eight weeks, of course, is completed and the student attains more than basic knowledge and can speak up little phrases and is ready for sentence construction in German.


After 12 weeks of the course, the student can easily communicate in everyday situations in the German language and understand written texts.


This is the last stage of the spoken German course, in which after 16-20 weeks, the student can communicate in German with great fluency and ease.

Creating Linguistic Prodigies

At FGA, our aim is to enable students to uncover the magical aspects of language, something that most individuals in the “texting” and “chatting” generation have forgotten about. For this purpose, we offer courses in English and French. We also provide extensive coaching in regional languages like Hindi and Kannada.