NEET AIIMS 2 Years Course Coaching Classes AFTER BOARD RESULT in Bangalore, firstguideacademy

Two Year Integrated Course for NEET and AIIMS After declaration of Board Result

Course Description

The integrated NEET course and AIIMS course at FGA have been designed by experts and is divided into two sessions, each with a specific realm of focus.

Year 1: Class XI (Session 1)

Session 1 shall commence once the results of the Class X board exams are announced and shall continue till 15th February 2018. This would allow students to garner enough time after the classes to prepare for the upcoming final exams of Class XI.

Year 2: Class XII (Session 2)

The class shall reconvene either in the last week of March or first week of April 2018 and will begin with the syllabus of Class XII. Session 2 will be completed by the month of October, 2019 during which the focus would be shifted to course material from Class XI, so as to ensure that

students are clear with specific concepts that hold relevance in NEET and AIIMS competitive examinations. This revision would begin in November and last for a period of 3 months till mid-February.

Some of the students of the uppermost echelon will be given extra tests in the month of December, 2018. The selection of these students would be the sole responsibility of the management who would have complete discretion over the same.


  • During the course, the students will be prepared for NEET Course and AIIMS Course along with focused sessions on the PUC Board exams.
  • The course will begin either in the third week of March or second week of April, 2017 and would continue till 15th February, 2019. Additionally, First Guide Academy will also provide online medical entrance coaching.
  • Who can enroll: The program is limited to students of class XI.


  • The program focuses on two fronts: PUC board exam and preparation for NEET and AIIMS exams.
  • In addition to regular tests directed at monitoring progress through weekly and online tests, the program also provides NEET online coaching and AIIMS online coaching for students.
  • While all results are displayed on the notice board, parents are also sent periodic progress reports containing the tests results of their child through SMS.
  • Students would be provided with study materials in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology, crafted by experts in addition to NEET online courses that have been tailored through immense amounts of academic research and experiential analysis.

Additional Benefits :

  • After the completion of XII board exams, students are provided with a test course series so that they can increase their speed and accuracy, two immense useful elements for NEET and AIIMS examinations.
  • Additionally, a topic-wise question bank is provided in accordance with NEET pattern.

Instead of opting for a 2 year NEET and AIIMS preparation course, you can also check out our 1 year integrated course for NEET and AIIMS if you or your child thinks that a shorter duration of preparation would be more beneficial. At the same time, you can also opt for more advanced levels of preparation , which includes courses that provide long-terms tutorials and more in-depth curriculum for wholesome training.

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  • Course Fee: 2,24,999
  • Teaching Hours: 18hrs per week
  • Examination:3hrs on Sunday
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