Dr. Ramoji GowdaFounder & Chairman

I have always been a teacher at heart. The nobility of the teaching profession, according to me, is unmatched. The feeling of satisfaction that a teacher derives from seeing his student attain great success is incomparable. It is perhaps the only profession that has not been adulterated or polluted by the disruptive elements in society. In this day and age of scams and controversies, very rarely does one see or hear a teacher being embroiled in an unholy event.

This exalted position of a teacher was the moving force behind First Guide Academy. We wanted to be known as a group of teachers who would nurture and foster the future of our students through academic success. Over the years, we have developed a reputation of imparting quality education to students from all walks of life, irrespective of their financial standing.

We want to be present in every stage of a student’s life; from pre-school to placement. It will be our constant endeavour to improve society through the force that education possesses.

Kunal Goel

Kunal GoelManaging Director

I don’t know what drives me more; entrepreneurship or learning; perhaps both. That is why I love the way we have built First Guide Academy. Under the able leadership of Ramoji Sir, we have stuck to our core principles of contributing to society by training, coaching, and mentoring students to achieve academic success. This academic success is by no means a bookish one, but an all-inclusive one where the student is transformed into a competent and proficient professional.

Using innovative learning methods and by incorporating world-class teaching methodology, we have been successful at motivating even average students to rise above their limitations and excel in their academic pursuits.


Dr.Priti VaishnavC.E.O

I dream of a world where all children will be equal and there will be no disparity in the opportunities available to all. I am today making an effort to live that dream through First Guide Academy.

A small seed sown by Ramoji Sir has now become a garden where flowers of all varieties are nurtured and cared for. The entire team is committed to making this garden an oasis of peace and tranquillity; one that spreads its fragrance to the entire community. First Guide Academy is not a coaching centre; it is a Gurukul where we strive to give our students all the necessary facilities to achieve academic excellence in their chosen streams.

Be it coaching students in Class V or preparatory coaching for JEE-Mains, IIT-JEE, or NEET, we were always shaping the future of primary, secondary and intermediate-level students.

With First Guide Kidz, we have now forayed in shaping the childhood of tiny tots. We have always been and would be oriented towards developing competency in the students and the society through education.


Smriti OberoiAdmin Head

Smriti Oberoi Head of Admin, Post Graduate in English Literature, experience in teaching as lecturer with PU Colleges, is part of the FGA Group as a founder group member when it was starting. She feels that to impart right guidance to the students we must adopt a soft glove and hard hand approach as education is a process through which we teach and not treat the student as learned.

She is responsible for inter branch smooth functionality for admin matters.

Ajay Kumar

Ajay KumarAcademic Head

Mr. Ajay Kumar, an expert in mathematics and man of vision, has proved that students can get top ranks in engineering coaching year after year for past 26 years. He is an academician served many corporate institutes as an Academic head.

Qualification: M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed (Maths), M.phil(Maths), M.Sc (Psy), MBA, M.Phil (Management).

Seema Aggarwal

Seema AggarwalDeputy General Manager (DGM)

Seema Aggarwal holds a Masters degree in Statistics, Computer Science and a B.Ed from IP University, Delhi. She has combination of experience in IT industry, Academics and have successfully managed Operations. Her deep passion for teaching and making a positive impact in the life of children has been a major driving factor in joining the education sector. As part of her role in First Guide Academy, she is responsible for managing operations of all the branches & departments.