About EduNow

  • EduNow is a one-stop digital platform for all your educational needs at FGA
  • The motive behind EduNow is to make education easy, handy, accessible and worthwhile
  • Through EduNow, we combine the best features of classroom learning with innovative self-study modules
  • The contents of this platform have been designed for students of Class V to X in State, CBSE, and ICSE as well as Class XI and Class XII in State and CBSE
  • Combining subject oriented programs with innovative and smart technology is one of the main thoughts behind EduNow

FGA EduNow

Online Studying and its Advantages

Online courses are now making it possible to digitize formal education in various subjects, and also let the students access these courses from any device, anytime, anywhere. It is usually designed with the intention of combining the educational information, communication and assessment of students.

Some of the major advantages that can be gained by online studying would be as follows:

  • Lower total costs
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Greater Ability to concentrate
  • Comfortable learning environment
  • Improving technical skills while saving time
  • Gamification makes it more interesting and stimulating
  • Audio Visual tutoring makes it easier to understand difficult concepts

Accessing EduNow

Students enrolling for EduNow receive a Lenovo Tab 3 essential allowing students to access from the device. One can also access it through PC/ Laptops.


  • The Study material and video lectures have been designed by the experts.
  • It enables students to learn anywhere, anytime at their convenience
  • It helps students to clear their concepts sitting at home
  • It covers the entire course from competitive exam as well as board
  • It helps students to clear their concepts sitting at home
  • To learn as per school’s time table
  • It saves time & money on daily commute to local tuition teachers
  • It makes learning interactive and productive in a relatively shorter
  • Studying safely at home is the special privilege for a girl child
  • Students can avail instant Assessments and Tests
  • Self paced learning

Key Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Gamification
  • Diagnostic Tool Kit

Problem Statement Segment Current solution? The EduNow way
Personalization Access Students Private tuitions outside Personalized Adaptive Learning and Virtual Smart Classes
Continuous Engagement Students N/A Gamification and collaborative forums with continuous loop back system
No time for Self      Development Students Take hometuitions or special correspondence programs Anywhere anytime access with on the go Hybrid offline tab application to enable Learning on the go
Visibility Parent-Guardian After the fact engagement often too late to correct course Continuous feedback with parent in the loop Curriculum management
Immersive Learning Parent-Guardian Manual homework assignments with no historical or prospective views Follow the curriculum with ToDolist .Easy navigation or eleven treading, exercises, and recommended practices

Study Planner – To Do List

Some of the main highlights of the personalized learning experience provided by EduNow include the following:

  • Continuous feedback system
  • Focus on weak areas
  • Measure performance trend
  • Collaborative/community learning
  • Fun while learning with gamification

A view of the intuitive interface of EduNow

ACCESS: Any where Anytime

Gaining access to EduNow study material anywhere and anytime at your fingertips:

  • Access to expert faculty and exceptional content
  • Access to global student population
  • Increasing transparency and efficient communication between students, teachers, advisors and parents

A view of the EduNow platform in action

Platform as a Service(PaaS)

One of the main objectives of EduNow is to enable students to expand their capabilities and educational prowess through virtual means. Hence, EduNow offers amazing customizability capabilities that can help students redefine the learning experience!

  • Education Curriculum Management: Experience the freedom of crafting a completely personalized version of the curriculum, using progress monitoring, scheduling and outlier tracking capabilities
  • Create and add your own course content
  • Smartclasses
  • Utilize the power of OMR Integration to merge both paper-based as well as online learning

A view of the customizable options offered under PaaS in EduNow

EduNow Features

  • Education Online Curriculum management
  • Adding course contents
  • Smart Classes
  • OMR Integration to enable better blend of paper and online testing
  • Integrated rewards engine
  • Challenge-based group learning
  • Unlock levels as you progress


  • Download content and videos
  • Download practice tests and work offline
  • Synchronise automatically with server when internet is activated

Courses offered


  • IIT Foundation Courses (VI to X)
  • Intermediate I (10+1)
  • Intermediate II (10+2)
  • JEE Mains
  • JEE Advanced


  • NEET Foundation Courses (VI to X)
  • K-CET
  • NEET

Competitive Exams

  • NTSE (Class XI and X)
  • Olympiads ( Class VI to X)
  • KVPY (Class XI to XII)


  • Global

Unique Features

  • EduNow is a way to inculcate the style of adaptive learning in students making it easier to understand
  • Gamification makes the learning process easier
  • Challenge peers in one-to-many mode and merge fun with learning To Do lists, upcoming and completed tasks would be displayed throughout the curriculum teaching schedule
  • Queries answered by highly expert faculty and detailed online lesson plans are also provided on EduNow
  • Parents would be regularly notified about the performance of their children
  • Redeem options are also available for students who have unlocked different levels through gamification.